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Iori Experience

Iori Experience

Experience Kyoto’s traditional lifestyle in a luxuriously restored Machiya

Iori runs by a team that is knowledgeable and passionate about Kyoto and its culture.
Our attentive Japanese staff will provide detailed information about the neighborhood, and are committed to making our guests' stay a comfortable and memorable one.

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While Iori does not provide meals at the Machiya, our staff will arrange for a delivery meals in your Machiya upon request or we are happy to recommend the best local restaurants and make reservations for you
Further information for delivery meals

Sightseeing and Events
Sightseeing and Events

Our staff will be happy to provide information on sightseeing spots, seasonal events, festivals, and markets in Kyoto.


Please ask our staff for information about sightseeing buses, or we would be happy to book a taxi for you.
Also, from/to Kansai or Itami airport, we can arrange a taxi / van for you.


From Kansai/Itami airport

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