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At Iori, we are dedicated to protecting the privacy and safeguarding the personally identifiable information of our guests and business partners.


01.Collection and Use

Iori aquires and uses Personally Identifiable Information deemed necessary (full name, home address, telephone number, gender, birthdate, electronic mail address) for the primary purposes of:

  • Providing services which require said information, such as: making reservations or fulfilling a request for information.
  • Marketing and communication with and surveys of our guests and clients.
  •  Communicating information which we believe to be beneficial to our guests, via direct mail, electronic mail, or by other means.
  • To provide statistical information for marketing and other activities to better serve customer needs (the names of specific individuals will not be used in such activities)
02.Protection and Management of Personally Identifiable Information
We have carefully developed our internal policies with respect to the management and protection of our guests' personal information to avoid incidents of disclosure. To provide a superior level of service, there will be occasions on which Iori shares this information with trusted outside parties. 
In the case of said occasion, Iori ensures that the outside party entrusted with said Personally Identifiable Information protects and manages it in an approprate and professional fashion.
03.Disclosure of Guest and Client Personally Identifiable Information
With the exception of said trusted outside organizations (see 'Protection and Management of Personally Identifiable Information'), Iori will not tender or disclose personally Identifiable Information to third parties without your consent. 
However, this policy does not apply when such information is requested by official institutions backed by the authority of the police, in a courthouse setting, or when matters of legality are at issue. In such situations the prior consent of client will not be sought before his/her personal information is disclosed.
04.Correction and Erasure of Personally Identifiable Information
If a guest or client wishes, at any time, to correct or erase Personally Identifiable Information from Iori records, Iori will promptly take the required measures according to a set procedure.
05.Changes to Privacy Policy
Notification of any changes made to Iori's privacy policy will be made at the top of this page.

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